Montenegro is one of the hot-spots for international investors to invest in real estate in the Adriatic region. Large-scale investments such as Porto Montenegro by Peter Munk, the Rothschild family and a number of Russian oligarchs have put the small country in the spotlight.

Five large trade and ferry ports (Bar, Herceg Novi, Tivat, Kotor and Zelenika) make Montenegro an important economic location. The town of Bar with a well-developed road network and a large port is a regional gateway to the world and as such as considered as a very cost-effective location for logistics operators.

Additionally, the country offers access to a sales market of more than 650 million consumers thanks to trade agreements with the countries of the EU and Russia and its membership in the EFTA and CEFTA free trade zones. Since its independence, Montenegro has also joined important international institutions such as the World Bank and the IWF.
Montenegro is the only country outside of the EU to have the euro as its currency and has already applied for EU membership.   

12 reasons for investing in Montenegro:

1. Stability and security
2. Dynamic economic growth and development
3. Strategic geographic location
4. Centre for regional businesses
5. Young population with a flair for languages
6. Qualified workers
7. Favorable tax climate
8. Pro-Business government
9. Equal treatment of domestic and foreign investors
10. Good quality of life
11. Easy business start-up
12. Application for EU membership

Corporate law:
- Minimum capital for a PLC: 1 EUR
- Minimum capital for an incorporation: 25,000 EUR
- Registration fee 10 EUR
- Income tax: 15%
- VAT: 17%
- Corporate tax: 9%
- Tax exemption possible for 10 years

- Equal treatment of foreign investors
- Legal guarantees for investment protection
Property acquisition:
- No limitations

Foreign exchange law:
- Liberal foreign exchange regulations
- No limitations for repatriation
- Duty to declare imports of more than 2,000 EUR
Labor law:
- Average wage 377.00 EUR
- Numerous collective agreements
- Work permit required

Customs law:
- Average duty 6%
- SAA with the EU
Entry and duration of stay:
- 90 days with a valid passport
- Visa facilitations for EU citizens

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